Welcome to Black Fox Books, the personal writing website of Mike Fine. This site primarily contains fiction (and some non-fiction) targeted at children between the ages of four and fourteen. It also contains works for adults.

Young Writers' Toolkit Book I am the author of “Children of Hope”, my first novel.

Synopsis: Hope Hunter’s 14-year-old sister is raped on the same day that Roe v. Wade is overturned and, months later, dies in childbirth. Eight years later, Hope is a medical-school resident researching artificial wombs, hoping to help girls and women extract embryos early in their pregnancies. When Hope hears that a powerful conservative Senator wants to pass a nationwide anti-abortion ban, she decides to fight back by impregnating him with a bomb-strapped artificial womb. Live on C-SPAN.

Available on Amazon.com (Kindle and Paperback)

Young Writers’ Toolkit

I am also co-author of “Young Writers’ Toolkit” — A collection of easy-to-use writing resources for young writers (Per Se Press; Paperback; 312 pages; ISBN-13: 978-0982330623)
The book contains dozens of helpful tools all in one place, presented in an easy-to-read and easy-to-use format. It’s the perfect companion for young writers at school or at home. Tools in this book include:

  • Word Lists Hundreds of adjectives for describing colors, shapes, sizes, physical descriptions, places, personalities, and more.
  • Word Groups Hundreds of words and definitions to immerse young authors into the most common fictional worlds—Fantasy, Safari, Medieval, Pirates, Space, and more.
  • Better Words Alternatives for commonly overused words. Suggestions for improvement are grouped by skill level, and definitions are provided to ensure proper usage.
  • Weak Words The most commonly used weak words and phrases, along with brief explanations and examples on how to eliminate these for better writing.
  • More Resources Including commonly misspelled words, commonly misused words, citing sources, proofreading marks, and proper use of quotation marks.
Building a Bridge Play I have also written a musical stage play, “Building a Bridge,” which is based on my short story of the same name. Nate Gross wrote the music and co-wrote the lyrics with me. Take a listen!