Bad Santa

Bad Santa A short poem (2/2018)   I thought I heard Santa, so I snuck downstairs. I saw Santa kissing mommy. I thought I heard reindeer rumbling. I didn’t. It was grunting. I thought I heard sleigh bells ringing. I didn’t. It was mom shrieking. I won’t be leaving cookies and milk for Santa anymore.

Iowa City

Iowa City Paris ain’t got nothin’ on her… (2/2018)   The men sitting at the end of the bar saw her first. The neon Budweiser sign behind the bar was flashy and bright; she was flashier and brighter. Gaudier and bawdier. She sauntered into the dimly lit room. Her black sequin dress came to the middle of her overstuffed thighs, short enough to reveal her Popeye calves and the start of her thunderous thighs. The dress was skin tight and her belly rolls succeeded in their attempt to escape from captivity. Her bosom overflowed the low V cut of her […]

When I Was a Kid

When I Was a Kid They grow up so fast, sadly (2/18)   When Peter was just a kid, he never noticed how dark it got at night. Now, he was aware of the seemingly infinite blackness that enveloped him and his little sister, Sally, every night now that they slept in the park. His night vision had improved dramatically. Now, he could see through the gauze of dusk until about 9:00PM. After that, he sensed rather than saw, but he’d quickly acquired the ability to know when someone was coming with enough advance warning to wake Sally and hide. […]

New Leadership

New Leadership Two men attempt to replace their village’s Chief (2/2018)   As the sun disappeared over the distant mountains, Togé sat on the rocky canyon ridge and pondered his fate. Would the Gods smile on him? He’d led a pious life, lived kindly, sacrificed to the Gods as required. Would it be enough? In an hour’s time, he would compete for the title of clan leader. His rival was formidable: a huge bear of a man named Thèr. Thèr was strong and powerful. The villagers all knew the stories: Thèr killing a bear with his bare hands. Thèr wrestling […]

Spring Dance

Spring Dance Oh, Meagan and that lavender dress (2/2018)   The gymnasium had been transformed into a wonderland. The rickety wooden stands were pushed into the wall, and tables with white tablecloths and tall vases of daisies surrounded a dance area in the center of the gym. Black and silver balloons and streamers were everywhere. Everything seemed covered in silver glitter. It was the Spring Dance at my school. Our teachers made us come. All of us. You could only get out of it if you had a doctor’s note. And they told us that the boys couldn’t invite the […]