Babble Back Louder

Babble Back Louder



You’ve started “talking.” What you’re really doing, of course, is making sounds like “hyaaaaaah” and “eeeeeeh” and “geeeeee”. Sometimes an “uhhh-guhhh” or an “uhhh-ruuuuaa” sneaks out. We – your mom and I – think it’s about the cutest thing ever that you’re making these noises. When you have a child of your own some day, you’ll understand: you just can’t help but turn into a gushing moron when you have a baby!

Your mom – your wondrous, glorious mom – is so silly. Whenever you babble (I think that’s a more accurate description than “talk”), she babbles back! And she does this louder than you do as if it’s a case of “she who babbles loudest, wins.” If your babbling wasn’t cute enough, to see your mom babbling back at you – well, that’d make milk shoot out of your nose if you understood just how funny it is. Now, I can’t say that I’ve sent Diet Coke (think of it as milk for adults, honey) out my nose, but I do sit back and watch the spectacle with a warm smile on my face. The well-educated, refined woman-of-the-world who is my wife giving “hyaaaaaah”s and “geeeeee”s back at you with such gusto! It is so great to see!

I have to say, I’ve babbled back at you a time or two. I understand the attraction: you get so animated and smile and your whole face lights up. It really does feel like a conversation. Not like the conversations most adults have with each other, mind you, but a conversation nevertheless. It sure is fun!

You see, it’s your joie de vie rubbing off on us. The joy that you radiate and the innocence you have are incredible; you’ve easily surpassed the expectations I had before you were born when I was looking forward to having a child. I couldn’t possibly thank you enough for the gifts you have given and will continue to give to me and our family. Unfortunately, it seems like the realities of life for most people wear them down somehow. This is such a terrible thing! You have my promise that I’ll do everything I can to ensure that you carry your joy and innocence with you for your entire life and that you are free from pain and fear and guilt all your days.

For now, you just keep on babbling and I’ll work to make sure your mom doesn’t steal all of your air time. But, just remember, son… it’s pronounced “Dahh-Deee”! And throw in a “Mahh-Mahh” sometime soon, too, will ya?

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