Ben, Bob, and Benny Cross the Lake

Ben, Bob, and Benny Cross the Lake

Another Ben, Bob, and Benny adventure. Will Benny outsmart his brothers again? (10/2009)


This is the story of a family with four brothers, Ben, Bob, Benny, and baby Bobby.

Ben, the oldest, was very competitive. One day, while his family was on vacation at the lake, he said to Bob and Benny, “I bet I can beat you to the other side of the lake.”

Bob said, “I’ll take that bet.”

Benny said, “All right, I’m in.”

Baby Bobby said, “I know how to swim,” and scampered away.

Ben, Bob, and Benny agreed to start the race at 11:00.

Ben spent the morning lifting weights and doing pushups.

Bob spent the morning stretching and practicing his swimming stroke.

Benny thought about things, as was his way. He spent the morning reading a good book, playing LemonvilleTM with his dad, and talking with his mom.

At 11:00 sharp, the boys lined up at the shoreline.

“Ready, set, go!” Ben said.

Ben rushed into the lake and swam as fast as he could.

Bob ran to the side of the house and dragged a tiny rowboat into the water. He hopped in and paddled as hard as he could.

Benny walked back to the picnic table where his mom was sitting.

“Could you do me a favor, mom?” he asked.

A few minutes later, Benny was sitting on the far shore of the lake, waiting for his brother.

Bob arrived five minutes later. Ben five minutes after that.

“How did you beat us?” Ben asked. He was bent over, with his hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath.

“Mom gave me a ride,” Benny said. He smiled. “You didn’t say how we had to get across the lake,” he added.

Ben and Bob groaned. Benny had outsmarted them again. They had to admit that Benny was right. They laughed.

Then Ben said, “Okay, let’s go home. I’m tired and hungry!” The boys piled into the boat and headed home. Ben and Bob rested while Benny paddled.

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