Ben, Bob, and Benny Make Pancakes

Ben, Bob, and Benny Make Pancakes

Another delicious Ben, Bob, and Benny story. Will Benny outsmart his brothers again? (10/2009)


This is the story of a family with four brothers, Ben, Bob, Benny, and baby Bobby.

Ben, the oldest, was very competitive. One day, he said to Bob and Benny, “I bet I can make more pancakes than either of you.”

Bob said, “I’ll take that bet.”

Benny said, “All right, I’m in.”

Baby Bobby said, “Ooh! Pancakes! I love pancakes!”

They agreed the competition would take place Sunday morning. Each would have ten minutes to make as many pancakes as possible.

Ben went to the store and bought ten frying pans.

Bob spent the rest of the week practicing making flipping motions with a spatula.

Benny thought about things, as was his way. He spent the week doing his homework, reading, talking with his grandparents, and playing with his friends.

When Sunday morning came, the boys met in the kitchen and made the pancake batter. Baby Bobby licked the spoon and bowl clean.

Ben plopped his stack of ten frying pans on the counter. Then, looking at the stove, he quickly realized that there were only four burners! He grumbled about wasting his money, then focused on the task at hand.

In his ten minutes, Ben was able to cook twelve pancakes.

Bob decided to only use four frying pans, too. But because he was able to flip the pancakes faster than Ben, he was able to cook sixteen pancakes.

Then it was Benny’s turn. Benny opened the drawer and pulled out a teaspoon. He dripped ten dime-sized drops of batter into each of two frying pans.

A few moments later, Benny flipped the batter dots to cook the other side of each. Within a minute, Benny slid all twenty tiny little pancakes on to a plate and said, “Ta da! Twenty pancakes.”

“You didn’t say how big the pancakes had to be,” Benny said.

Ben and Bob groaned. Benny had outsmarted them again. They had to admit that Benny was right. They laughed.

Then Ben said, “Okay, someone grab the syrup. It’s time for breakfast!”

Baby Bobby ran into the kitchen and for the second time that morning said, “Ooh! Pancakes! I love pancakes!”

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