Captain Poopy Pants

Captain Poopy Pants

A yucky, disgusting story from the mind of a typical 5 year-old boy (7/2002)
By Zachary Fine


One day, Captain Poopy Pants was walking down the street. Suddenly, he felt a warm, squishy feeling in his pants. Yuck!

Captain Poopy Pants was about to find a bathroom to change his underwear, when a car suddenly came rushing towards him. The car bumped into him, and knocked him down. The driver of the car called an ambulance, which took the Captain to the hospital.

At the hospital, the doctors asked the patient what his name was. He told them. The doctors took off all of his clothes and when they saw all of the yucky poop in his pants, they understood why he was called Captain Poopy Pants.

The doctors fixed all of his boo-boos, gave him clean underwear and dressed him. Captain Poopy Pants was happy to be okay and to be leaving the hospital. But as he walked out the front door, he felt that yucky, poopy feeling in his pants again. Oh well, that’s why I’m called Captain Poopy Pants he thought to himself.

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