Bad Santa

Bad Santa A short poem (2/2018)   I thought I heard Santa, so I snuck downstairs. I saw Santa kissing mommy. I thought I heard reindeer rumbling. I didn’t. It was grunting. I thought I heard sleigh bells ringing. I didn’t. It was mom shrieking. I won’t be leaving cookies and milk for Santa anymore.

Let’s Do Rockets

Let’s Do Rockets 3/25/2002   Awhile back, I went to the Tech Museum in San Jose. One of the displays that I found particularly interesting was one where they made little test tube rockets with water and Alka Seltzer. You fill the test tube about a third of the way, add a small piece of Alka Seltzer, put the stopper in, and turn the test tube over. In just a few seconds, the pressure within the test tube builds and the test tube shoots up into the air. Elegantly simple and quite thrilling, actually. A few days ago, I bought […]

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