Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt Motivated by Zach’s salt map, a tale about the importance of sharing (2nd grade assignment; Mrs. Seger) (3/2006) This story is dedicated to my father. Thanks, dad.   About the author: Zachary Fine is a 2nd grade student in Morgan Hill, California. He is in Mrs. Seger’s class in room 22. He loves math, playing video games, and playing with his friends. He lives with his mother, father, and sister.   It was a warm, sunny, summer day in Techno-Land. While Joe walked along the Bumpy Battery Beach, he was looking at the village and the surrounding area. […]

George and Tiger

George and  Tiger A harrowing tale of escape in the jungle… (7/2002) By Zachary Fine   One day, George was walking in the jungle. A tiger saw George. The tiger was hungry and decided he wanted to eat George. So the tiger growled and ran towards George. Luckily, George saw the tiger coming and started to run away as fast as he could. George ran through the woods and suddenly came upon a big pool of mud. It was too big to jump across. As George turned around at the edge of the mud, the tiger approached. The tiger stared […]

Captain Poopy Pants

Captain Poopy Pants A yucky, disgusting story from the mind of a typical 5 year-old boy (7/2002) By Zachary Fine   One day, Captain Poopy Pants was walking down the street. Suddenly, he felt a warm, squishy feeling in his pants. Yuck! Captain Poopy Pants was about to find a bathroom to change his underwear, when a car suddenly came rushing towards him. The car bumped into him, and knocked him down. The driver of the car called an ambulance, which took the Captain to the hospital. At the hospital, the doctors asked the patient what his name was. He […]

Halloween Night

Halloween Night A scary tale, written in Mr. Farrell’s 4th grade class (11/2007) By Zachary Fine   On a stormy black Halloween night one year ago, I strolled alone down the sidewalk after a long night of trick or treating. As I walked, I heard the distant howls of some wild dogs. The golden moon stared down upon me and illuminated the abandoned mansion across the street. It glowered at me. In the daylight I had never noticed how threatening that house seemed. The icy cold wind made my body shiver as it swept through the leafless and lifeless trees […]

I Am

I Am A reflective poem, written in Mrs. Curtin’s 6th grade class (10/2009) By Zachary Fine     I am smart and hyperactive. I wonder if the universe ends. I hear footsteps when I walk to my next class. I see my feet when I look down. I want world hunger to end. I am smart and hyperactive.   I pretend Hobbes is real when I read Calvin and Hobbes. I feel that I can’t try new food. I touch my controller when I turn on the TV. I worry what my life will be like when I’m older. I […]