Comments from the Author (that’s me…)

Hello. My name is Mike Fine. I’m a writer living in Clayton, California.  After years in the high-tech world, I find that I absolutely love writing. I’m married with two children, a boy and a girl. I’m a fan of my kids, my wife, basketball, the color purple, sushi, school reform, thoughtful political discussions, and more.

You’ve reached a website where I publish some of my fiction writing (and a bit of non-fiction, too). If you are looking for information on my book, Young Writers’ Toolkit, please visit If you are looking for information on my musical stage play, Building a Bridge, please visit

Thanks for visiting my site and thanks for reading! I sincerely hope you enjoyed at least one of the pieces. If you’re looking for a recommendation, try the short stories that have stars next to them and that are bolded… they are my favorites.