Halloween Night

Halloween Night

A scary tale, written in Mr. Farrell’s 4th grade class (11/2007)
By Zachary Fine


On a stormy black Halloween night one year ago, I strolled alone down the sidewalk after a long night of trick or treating. As I walked, I heard the distant howls of some wild dogs. The golden moon stared down upon me and illuminated the abandoned mansion across the street. It glowered at me. In the daylight I had never noticed how threatening that house seemed. The icy cold wind made my body shiver as it swept through the leafless and lifeless trees that lined the street. All in all, it was a scary night.

As I ambled cautiously down the street toward my house, I noticed that the street ahead of me was closed due to construction. Unfortunately, my only choice was to cross the foreboding graveyard. Honestly, I didn’t know if I had the courage to accomplish this daunting feat.

Realizing I had no choice, I decided that if I ran fast as lightening, just maybe I would survive. I started to run as fast as possible through the graveyard, stepping around all the tombstones, hoping that nothing unexpected would jump out from behind one of them.

Suddenly, I heard panting. I stopped running, and my heart stopped beating… or rather it was beating very, very fast. I tried to reassure myself that it was just my imagination. After what seemed like hours, I started running again… I was almost outside the graveyard. Then I heard clinking chains, and I nearly fainted. I rushed to hide behind the nearest tombstone. I crouched and listened carefully. Eventually, the noise stopped and I continued running.

Then it happened. I stopped, frozen. “It’s a ghost!” I screamed. A single figure loomed in front of me wearing chains around its neck. Then this terrifying body started laughing at me, tearing off what I thought was its skin and revealed that it was my friend, Josh. He explained that he too was running home, only in the opposite direction.

I hurried home and never went to the graveyard again.



(November 2007;

Mr. Farrell’s 4th grade class;

A: 25/25)

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