I Am

I Am

A reflective poem, written in Mrs. Curtin’s 6th grade class (10/2009)
By Zachary Fine



I am smart and hyperactive.

I wonder if the universe ends.

I hear footsteps when I walk to my next class.

I see my feet when I look down.

I want world hunger to end.

I am smart and hyperactive.


I pretend Hobbes is real when I read Calvin and Hobbes.

I feel that I can’t try new food.

I touch my controller when I turn on the TV.

I worry what my life will be like when I’m older.

I cry when I see a homeless person.

I am smart and hyperactive.


I understand I will never again have as much free time as I do now.

I say world peace is attainable.

I dream about trying to fall asleep.

I try to be organized.

I hope I will someday invent the first zero gravity zone.

I am smart and hyperactive.

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