I Love Daddy

I Love Daddy

By Sarah Elizabeth Fine


I love Daddy. Sarah loves Daddy.

Zachary loves Daddy.

The sun is shining. I love you Daddy.

Mom is Daddy’s life and mommy and daddy are friends and everybody gives hugs to them.

I save a ring for Daddy.

Daddy’s coming back early tonight and we can play together.


Daddy likes numbers and counting with Sarah

Zachary likes Sarah.

I like you Daddy and I like you Zachary and I like you Mom.

Everybody likes me.

I like you Daddy again.

I like to eat macaroni and cheese. I like you Mom. I like Daddy.

Daddy likes all the trees and sun and his life and his children.

Daddy, you are the best friend ever and Mommy is the best friend ever. And I like you really much Daddy. And Daddy’s children are nice. I like you very much Daddy and our self are really nice.

I like to play with you with my projects. I’m done with my project.


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