I Ride a Two Wheeler!

“I Ride a Two Wheeler!”



My son came home “with a secret” a week ago today. He spent the day with his weekend nanny, Dinize, and the three boys that she takes care of during the week. When he got home, he rushed into the house to show me his secret. He guided me outside to show me.

The next thing I know, Zachary sits on his bike and gets a push from Dinize. Simple as that, he’s riding his bike… with no more training wheels! His hair was flapping in the wind and he had a grin a mile wide. “Daddy, daddy! I ride a two-wheeler! I ride a two-wheeler!”

Dinize explained to me that, while he could ride straight, he couldn’t yet turn nor start by himself. Twenty minutes later, he was able to do both. I’m not sure which sense of pride was greater, Zachary’s pride in himself, or mine in him.

Since then, that’s all he wants to do… ride his bike. “I’m going to ride my bike forever,” he’s said a few times since. Each time, his riding’s gotten surer and steadier. Yesterday, he did “figure eights” in our driveway for almost five minutes.

As a parent, there are these moments that stamp themselves into your brain, where you have such a clear sense of what an amazing gift it is to watch your child grow.

My pride in my kids is quite nice, but even better is to see their sense of pride in themselves grow. I hope that their life path is one of ever-growing pride and confidence, tempered of course by humility and a sense of respect for others. From moments like these, it appears like they’re well on their way.


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