Lady in Pink

Lady in Pink



My daughter, Sarah, is a Princess. Sorry to be so blatant about my feelings for her, but, hey, those of you out there with daughters know exactly what I’m talking about.

Sarah is fair-skinned, has brown hair and, surprising to everyone in my brown-eyed family, blue eyes. Actually sort of gray, I guess. She has most of her teeth now, and has an adorable smile. I suppose it’s really more of a grin, actually.

Because of her light skin, Sarah looks great in pastel colors. My favorite on her is pink, of course. It is the appropriate color for daddy’s little girl, after all. She also looks good in light blue and light yellow.

She wore one of my favorite outfits today. She wore a pastel pink frilly t-shirt (the kind that snap under her butt), and these wonderful pink paisley stretch pants. They are so unbelievably cute – pink, red, a little bit of blue and green and because of the material, they hug her little body so adorably.

I revere my little girl. I lie at the feet of her temple each day, hoping to continue my service in the house of my angel-god. She provides me love and warmth and comfort. And joy and wonderment as well.

I am about to leave on a six day business trip overseas and I can’t stand the thought of not seeing her for so long. I will miss her so dearly. I will bring pictures, of course, but they will be a poor substitute. Pictures don’t capture her electricity, her spark. Or the energy you can actually feel radiating from her cute little body. They don’t communicate her wonderful chirps and burblings, her joyous laughter. They don’t provide the indescribable serenity and deep happiness that comes from hugging her and holding her on my lap.

Sarah, my Princess, I’ll be back Sunday. Around 5pm. Be prepared for some nonstop hugging and cuddling when I get back, little girl. I’m not going to let you out of my arms until we both crash into a deep sleep that night. Well, perhaps just for a little while, so I can hug and kiss my wife and your brother too.


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