Rainbow Cat

Rainbow Cat

A boy and his parents are pleasantly surprised. (1/2006; children’s story)


At dinner one night, Peter and Katherine asked their parents if they could get a pet.

Mom looked at Dad. Dad looked at Mom. They said yes!

“We could get a horse,” Peter exclaimed.

“Horses are too big and they eat too much,” Dad explained.

“We could get a dinosaur,” Katherine suggested.

“Dinosaurs are even bigger than horses,” Mom said.

“And they eat more, too,” said Dad.

“We could get an alligator or a lion or a tiger,” Peter tried.

“Alligators and lions and tigers have sharp teeth and they bite,” Dad said. “What about an animal that’s smaller and less dangerous?”

Katherine thought for a moment. “Can we get a cat? Can we? Can we? Can we?”

Mom and Dad said yes!

Peter thought, even a dog would be better than a cat.

The next day, everyone went to the pet store. The store only had one cat. Her coat was completely white. She sat quietly.

“She’s so beautiful,” Katherine said.

“She’s so plain,” Peter complained.

“Well, I agree with Katherine. She looks beautiful to me, too,” said Mom. “Do you want her or not?”

“We’ll take her!” Katherine said. She jumped up and down. Her pigtails bounced around.

“We’ll call her Jane,” Peter said firmly. Plain Jane.

After dinner, Peter and Katherine took Jane to the park to play. They saw a group of kids painting a mural on a wall.

Peter threw a Frisbee, hoping Jane would catch it. She just watched it fly and then land.

The kids played catch with a little rubber ball. Then Peter threw the ball toward the wall where the kids were painting. Jane chased the ball! Jane slid into the wall. The wet paint rubbed off on her side, which was now red, orange, yellow, green, purple and blue.

Katherine threw the ball toward the wall. Jane chased the ball again. Jane slid into the wall again. This time, the wet paint rubbed off on her other side.

By the time they came home, their new cat Jane was totally covered in a rainbow of colors.

Mom and Dad were surprised!

“We love our new cat, Mom and Dad!” Peter said, really meaning it.

Mom and Dad were surprised!

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