Roll Over, Zeethoven!

Roll Over, Zeethoven!



This evening, while I was making dinner and your mom was working in her office, a magical thing happened: you rolled over for the very first time! We both walked into the family room where you were laying – well, where we thought you were laying – and lo and behold, you were on your stomach! Your mom and I gave each other a wide-eyed look. I think I let out a gasp. We knew that we had put you on your back – like we always do. We shared a joyous moment of realization that you had done it, actually, truly done it.

We didn’t see you roll that very first time. I knew, though, that you’d do it again and that we’d see the next one. Sure enough, just minutes after we helped you back onto your back (you were smiling gleefully), you rolled over again. This one, we saw. We high-fived each other and both laughed out loud. It’s hard to describe just how tickled this kind of thing makes a parent, or at least me.

Of course, we called your grandparents right away to share the news. It felt so wonderful to tell the story. I was – am – so proud. I hope I was able to share the elation that I felt. I sure wish that your grandparents lived closer so that they could share these moments with us and see them unfold in person. Especially my mom – your Grandma – who is truly an amazing woman. You have her spirit, which is about the greatest gift you could ever receive.

Over the course of the next two hours, I tried to keep track of how many times you rolled over. I lost track at 14. Once you figured it out, man, you just couldn’t get enough!

I watched your technique carefully. You sway your top arm and kick your top leg across your body. It seemed like you always rolled to your right, so this would be your left arm and leg. After two or three swings, you get enough momentum and complete your roll. At this point, unfortunately, your face is smushed into the ground, your bottom arm is pinned across and underneath your body and your top arm is back at your side. For a moment, I worry that you’ll cry or even hurt yourself. But, slowly, you inch your top arm forward, use it to support some of your weight and find a way to pull your bottom arm out from underneath your body. Just a few more moments of adjustment and you’re completely on your tummy, propped up on your hands with your head held high! Even having seen it a dozen times, I’m still amazed that you can do it. Wow!

Until your Next Great Feat, my son, I’m going to relish your new back-to-front roll. I’ll watch carefully over the next few weeks and I look forward to seeing you perfect this move. Maybe I’ll make some rating cards – you know, like diving and skating judges use – so I can rate your rolls.

Each day, you bring me ever-growing feelings of pride and love and joy. Thanks (again) for that, ZachMan. Or, should I call you Mr. Rollmeister?

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