Serious Shorts for Adults

Serious Shorts

Beautiful You star-16x16 An important message that will likely fall on deaf ears… (8/2008)
Special K A tribute to an amazing woman. Thanks, K, for all that you try to do. (8/2008)
The Other Ten Commandments So much better than their ten. Read ’em. Learn ’em. Live ’em. (8/2008)
Pushed star-16x16 A girl tries to cope with her two Type A parents (2/2008)
She Sits So Still An amazing lady. Too bad she can’t see what I do. (11/2006)
Waiting Room star-16x16 While I wait, I worry (9/2006)
Monday Morning Not-so-serious thoughts about what it means to be unemployed (10/2001)
Terror Thoughts of terror and fear for my children as a result of 9/11 (10/2001)
I Don’t Know Why How do you explain 9/11/2001 to young children? I didn’t know how… (9/2001)
Uncle Bob A tribute to my amazing Great Uncle Bob (7/2001)