Short Stories for Adults

Short Stories

  Ad Space star-16x16 Seems like where we’re headed (5/2021)
  Iowa City Paris ain’t got nothin’ on her… (2/2018)
  When I Was a Kid They grow up so fast, sadly (2/2018)
  New Leadership star-16x16 Two men attempt to replace their village’s Chief (2/2018)
  Spring Dance star-16x16 Oh, Meagan and that lavender dress (2/2018)
  Fred Wu, Magic Fingers Will a misunderstanding stand in the way of true love? (10/2006)
  Three Powers star-16x16 The village chief gives his son a jewel, a sword, and a mirror upon his death (1/2009)
  Lippy’s Gone A daughter with lip, and a great imagination (9/2006)
Inspired by my daughter, and her great imagination
  The Money Tree What if money really did grow on trees? (7/2006)
  Wrong Girl, Right Girl What’s a nice Jewish girl like you doing in a place like India? (3/2006)
Inspired by a recent trip to India, and two lovely women
  Shave What an amazing sensation! (3/2006)
  The Painter star-16x16 Determination pays off for this polite young girl. (1/2006)
  Women’s World star-16x16 Women are finally in charge thanks to Barbie Jo. (1/2006)
  The Coin A boy suddenly finds himself in a strange land of curves. (1/2006)
  Reunion Confidence makes all the difference. (1/2006)
  Force Rank star-16x16 A new chief decides that it’s time to make a supreme change. (1/2006)
  French Class When cultures/religion collide? Mon dieu! (3/2005)
  Shy Guy She has a keen eye! (7/2004)
  Like Father Like Son star-16x16 Inspired by a recent trip to India. May I never have to say these words… (6/2004)
  Look Deeper Apparently a mismatch, these two find love by looking deeper (1/2004)
  Writer’s Block This man just seems to have so many story ideas… (1/2004)
  Food Fight! star-16x16 The things we’ll do for love… (1/2004)
  Diversity Train The people you meet while commuting, from A to Z (1/2004)
  Deafening Silence What happens when a gridiron hero’s days are over? (1/2004)
  Devil’s Slide A dark tale of a mistake and devastating consequences (1/2004)
  Tito Valenti Nation star-16x16 B-dubs, Rainbows, Selectors and Time Shifters (12/2003)
  The Toothless Village star-16x16 What if? Inspired by a true story told by a dear friend (7/2003)
  The Monopoly Gang What if? Inspired by a question asked by Zachary Fine, age 5 (7/2003)
  The Bubble Catcher star-16x16 A tale of the rarest of gifts (6/2003)
  Grudge Match The golf match to end all golf matches (6/2003)
  Certain Standards star-16x16 A private school has high standards. But does everyone meet them?(12/2002)
  Dream House star-16x16 A tale of a very special house. (12/2002)
  Ten Questions star-16x16 A man meets a woman and finds out if she’s compatible… (11/2002)
  Building a Bridge star-16x16 A king gets help with an important project from a young boy. (10/2001)
  The Round of His Life This man will remember this round of golf – and this day – forever. (10/2001)


  Bad Santa A short poem (2/2018)
  Famine Which is better, feast or famine, or scraps every day? (3/2006)
  Rainbow Cat A boy and his parents are pleasantly surprised. (1/2006; children’s story)
  Lottery Blues Lucky is in the eye of the beholder. (1/2006; ultra short)
  It Makes Me So Sad Hugs make the world go around. So let it be written. (3/2005; ultra short)
  Butterfly Inspired by a recent trip to India, and an amazing person. (6/2004; ultra short)
  Unhappy Girl A sad tale. A happy ending? (1/2003; ultra short)
  The Mourning After Tina Turner sang it best… (1/2003; ultra short)
  Discretion Would your lips be sealed? (12/2002; ultra short)
  Parental Pressure Charley’s parents always hoped he’d be successful… (12/2002; ultra short)
  Mr. Kim’s A soothing, relaxing day at the spa. Or is it? (12/2002; ultra short)
  Would You Turn The Key? Which way would you go? (12/2002; ultra short)
  No Exit (Yet) Sartre was right, at least temporarily, for this woman (11/2002; ultra short)