Solid Food

Solid Food

1/12/1998 and 12/29/2002



You’re eating from a spoon! As amazing as it seems, it’s true. I’m sitting on the floor leaning against the couch, you’re sitting on my lap, and I’m holding from behind, trying to keep you upright. Mom’s feeding you a very soupy mixture of baby oatmeal and formula. With a spoon! I can’t get over that. Of course, it’s a silver spoon…

You’re not quite sure what to make of things. Which is the strangest? — the new food taste or the spoon?


I never finished this letter back when I first started it. Here it is almost three years later and you’re now five. The novelty of you eating from a spoon has certainly worn off, but it’s been replaced by the novelty of all the other things you’re doing now. Like doing math and writing and spelling and being such a grown up kid it’s hard to believe how fast you’ve grown.

I try to remember what you were like back when I first wrote this (you were 1 year, 3 months old). I can’t remember everything. In fact, I can’t remember much. But, thankfully, we have pictures and we have video. What I do remember like it was yesterday was how amazing you were and how warm and glowing you made me feel. Of course, you’re amazing still and you provide me with that warmth and glow every second of your precious life.

As for food, well, let’s just say that now (age 5 years, 2 months), you’re a carbo guy. I think the last time you ate protein was back when I started this letter. Well, not exactly, but not far off, either. Your mom and I work hard in our attempts to ensure that you eat well. So far, we’re not succeeding very well… Thankfully, you appear to be quite healthy despite all the chocolate milk, Golden Grahams cereal and cinnamon and sugar toast you eat.

Thanks for being my number one guy, Zach. I love you.

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