Stand Up Guy

Stand Up Guy



After a short while sitting on my lap, I grasp you under your arms and hold you up. You wobble a bit at first, but then settle down. For a few seconds, you stand on your tip-toes, like many kids do. After this, your feet flatten and – with a little help, of course – you’re standing!

Now, I don’t really know from babies. I don’t know many and I can’t say that I’ve memorized the Baby Maturation Highlight Schedule. But, boy, it sure seems to me that 3 ½ months is quite early to be standing so well. I realize that you’re not really standing on your own – I hold you steady and take some of your weight (a whopping 15 pounds already!) off of your legs. Even with these caveats, though, you sure seem to get standing. You’re not afraid, not worried. You even seem to enjoy it! In fact, sometimes helping you stand is about the only way to get you comfortable and happy.

Not to put too much pressure on you, son, but I fully expect that you’ll be standing for real – totally on your own – by seven months. That’s only three months away! Oh my goodness, I better start baby-proofing the house right away.

I don’t really understand why, but I get such a deep sense of satisfaction and pride seeing you stand up. I can’t even imagine how proud – and giddy – I’ll be when you stand up on your own for the very first time! May you “walk tall” all of your life, my son.

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