They’re Such Cute Little Jars

They’re Such Cute Little Jars



After a perfect check up at the doctor, who told us that you could begin eating solid foods, your mom and I went and got you a variety of pureed baby foods. That’s right, boychik, we raided the Gerber shelves at the local Safeway for you.

We got you peaches and pears. We got you bananas and applesauce. We got you carrots and squash and peas. Two jars of each. They’re such cute little jars, too. Your mom and I were practically giddy while we looked over the shelves of baby food for this, our very first, time. What a wonderful new world of tastes, smells and textures you’re about to experience!

As recommended by your doctor (such a gentle, warm-hearted man), we’ll introduce you to a new food every few days. The idea is to watch carefully and see which ones you like and which ones you don’t, and whether you’re allergic to any of them.

After three seconds of heated debate, we decided that your first food would be peaches. It was an easy choice – they’re so sweet and yummy. We were confident that you’d like them. And you did! You ate about twenty small little baby spoonfuls, probably about two tablespoons in all. I can’t say that you smiled wildly as you ate, but you did seem to enjoy the experience.

First your mom fed you. Then I did while she videotaped us. Your mom and I tried to no avail to get the bulk of the food to actually go into your mouth. We’d get about half of each spoonful to actually enter your mouth and half of this would come back out on your tongue and over your lips. Combined with your saliva, much of it glopped down onto your bib and shirt. Did we care about our low efficiency quotient? Not at all. All we cared about was that you were actually eating peaches and enjoying it.

The next few months are going to be a grand experiment as we introduce you to more and more variety. Perhaps pears will be next. Maybe bananas. Most likely, we’ll save the peas until last. Your mom didn’t even want to get them, but I told her that you’d love ‘em, so we’ll see what happens.

Not only will we introduce you to foods, but we’ll be introducing the idea of breakfast and dinner. We’ll teach you to sit up straight and keep your elbows off the table. We’ll teach you what each piece of silverware is for and to go from the outside in. We’ll teach you… wait a second… for right now, all we’re going to do is assist in yet another exciting phase of your exploration of life’s pleasures. Slouch if you want. Elbows anywhere you want ‘em. Use whatever eating utensil you want, even your hands. We don’t care (for now, at least). Bon appetite, mon ami.

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