Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Motivated by Zach’s salt map, a tale about the importance of sharing
(2nd grade assignment; Mrs. Seger) (3/2006)

This story is dedicated to my father. Thanks, dad.


About the author:
Zachary Fine is a 2nd grade student in Morgan Hill, California. He is in Mrs. Seger’s class in room 22. He loves math, playing video games, and playing with his friends. He lives with his mother, father, and sister.


It was a warm, sunny, summer day in Techno-Land. While Joe walked along the Bumpy Battery Beach, he was looking at the village and the surrounding area. He saw the Isolated Infinite Island in the distance that looked like a tiny speck. He saw the deep, blue On-and-on Online Ocean’s waves slapping into the Bumpy Battery Beach which seemed as soft and white as a pillow. He saw the group houses, each of which held five families. People in the village shared everything they had: food, water, clothes, toys, and money. Joe decided he didn’t want to share, especially the money.

Joe was a very poor man who had long blue pants, a blue cap, a blue and green shirt, and white and black striped shoes. He had dark blue eyes and light black short hair.

While Joe was walking, he remembered he had met a stranger who said, “There is a treasure map on the west coast two miles from the Busy Backspace Bay.” Joe decided he wanted the treasure but didn’t want to share it. He made up his mind and started walking to find the map. While Joe was walking, he found a nice place to live. Joe found some wooden logs and started building his log cabin. While Joe was building, he found the map the stranger was telling him about. (The map was written by a stick in the sand.)

On July 30th, Joe spent the day packing for his treasure hunt. Joe packed food, water, extra clothes, a torch, a rope, a shovel, and a knife. The next day, he headed for the Majestic Mach Mountains.

Joe climbed up the steep, snowy mountains. When he got to the top, he was freezing. Then, he climbed down the mountain, walked across the stinky canyon, climbed up and down the other mountain, walked to the giant volcano, and climbed up the volcano. Joe used the rope to climb down the volcano, and grab the first key. (There were three keys according to the map.) He climbed up the rope and headed for the Frosty Fax Foothill.

Joe walked up the green, grassy foothill, when he got to the top, he used his shovel to dig up the second key but, there were snakes. Joe used his torch to scare the snakes away. He grabbed the second key and headed for the Leaking Laser Lake. Joe looked inside the lake but he didn’t see anything.

“I wonder where the third key is,” said Joe.

Joe walked to the Crumbling Calculator Caves. The first cave he visited was covered with cobwebs and vines. Joe took out his knife and went whack! But there were still cobwebs so Joe took out his shovel and swiped away the cobwebs. He saw and picked up the third key. Now that Joe had all three keys, he put them into the slots and twisted the keys right. The wall slid open like an elevator door. Joe picked up the treasure and walked back to his home.

While Joe was walking, he stopped at a bank, walked in, and came out with $45,000 and kept walking.

On the way, Joe thought, “What am I going to do with all of this cash?” Joe thought about it and decided he would share the money with the people in the village. Joe walked to the village and gave $5,000 to each house. Joe found his friend, Mike.

“I learned that sharing can make every person happy,” Joe said.

“I agree,” replied Mike.

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